Some Family Stories
Dean Gilbert
Dean Elliot Gilbert (1929-2014) spent the final years of his life researching his Family Genealogy. As a way to pass on some of the information he uncovered about his ancrestors to future generations, he decided to write a book about some of thier stories. Since the number of ancestors in our heritage grows expotentially with each generation going back in time, he decided a good way to approach the subject would be to trace the families of his four grandparents. The family names of his four grandparents were GILBERT, SHELDON, EGLESTON and BLODGETT. Following the direct family line as far back as the founding of the Colonies in America, he chose a story from each generation (not one from each family line) and expounded on thier experiences and the history of thier times. He origionally called it MY FAMILY/MY COUNTRY but later changed it to SOME FAMILY STORIES.

He had completed most of the text by the time of his passing but left some incomplete. This year (2018) I took it upon myself to try to finish it . A couple of the chapters still lack any substanitve stories but most of the ones he completed are very interesting and provide a window into the past. This is still an ongoing project bur I have posted the Book in it's current form here for anyone interested in reading it.

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to email me with any comments.

Gary Gilbert